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Here's info on these; If you're interested, Alexander told me that
it'd be fine to talk to him directly, that's best. He's in the CC above
(Ask me if you can't get that, I'll pass it to you happpily.)

He is checking to verify pricing ($30 is a GUESS) and to verify
whether the "InfoLithium" technology is cloned here, if that's important
to you.

$30 for a PC110 battery isn't half bad, if they're that low on

Mark Willis, mwillis nospam at nwlink.com
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I finally got word back from PolyStor about their InfoLithium
clone batteries. They have a 7.2V 1500mAh model which is
apparently a replacement for Sony's NP-F550 (I'm verifying this).
Note that this is only about 10Wh, while Sony sells batteries
up to 30Wh. The advantage is we'll likely be able to get a good
price, since they're clones.

I'm willing to act as coordinator for a group purchase of PolyStor's
batteries, with a target group quantity of 50 or more. I have no
real price info, but I would expect a unit cost of US$30 or so; I'll
repost when I have better info.

Would anybody be interested in this group purchase? Does anyone
think my quantities are way off base? (Personally, I could easily
find use for 5 of these batteries (two gangs of two for powering
my M1, plus a spare), and were I running my CPU off external
batteries, I'd easily consume 8 there.)

For reference, Sony's equivalent battery is described at

- Alex

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