[pc110] FS: PC110

jg (jgom nospam at bigfoot.com)
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 15:41:20 -0800

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PC110 for sale w/ lotsa accesories...

PC110 20MB w/260MB HDD.
Dock Port
Floppy drive
AC power supply
2 IBM batteries
The infamous "original" PS2 mouse adapter cable
2MB CF card
External matching IBM compact Trackpoint II PS2 keyboard.
External PS2 Mouse.
HandsFree Mic/Earphone
Pointer Stylus for touchpad
2 Carry Cases (one small & one large)
Xircom Parallel Port PE3 10Megabit compact Ethernet Adapter (can be
dismantled & fit into dockport permemanently)

Original Box & manuals.
WIN95 osr2 CD ROM
WIN95 Pre-loaded with updated BIOS & PC110 drivers

Asking $500 for all.


Why so cheap?
I had posted this same unit for sale about 2 weeks ago (remember all the
hoopla)...I hardly used it, it had been sitting idle on a shelf like I said
- it was practically NEW (got it last December)...
Well, over the past 48 hours I started playing with it again, cleaning up
some software, drivers, etc... Just admiring it...

I guess in the process I ...

#1 Made the notorious right hinge come loose, (I hear thats easily fixable).

#2 Next... I noticed a nearly invisble indentation on the top casing, I
swear, it's practically invisble, you gotta really look hard at the PC110
at an angle to notice it, I think this happened while it was in the soft
case & something hit it or something, but it's not scratched & does not
affect it any way whatsoever.

#3 And then to make matters worse.... I was using it with the handsfree
Speaker/Ear/mic like I normally do.... Running a small voice recording app,
well as it was recording I unplugged the ear/mic from the jack & plugged it
back in...
Now my speaker audio on the PC110's built in speaker is all faint &
distorted, however it still sounds perfectly fine through the ear/mic, I
don't know what happened but it's not producing audio through the external
speaker like it originally was.
The Speaker has got to be replaceable & still works but it sounds

The unit itself operates %100 fine, all apps work, it is A-OK, except for
the audio output, which like I said sounds perfectly fine through the
ear/mic set.

The modem is functional, video is fine, etc...

That is the final straw for me, this PC110 is just TOO delicate for me to
even be near & I don't want it anymore.

I paid over $1,500 and realize I have de-valued it now quite a bit, but I
am telling you upfront becuase I am honest & don't want any potential
buyers to be "surprised".

If you want a perfectly great looking & %100 functioning 20MB PC110 (except
for it has distorted audio, loose hinge and tiny invisble "soft" dent")
then here is a good deal.

No partials/breakups - All or nothing.

NOTE: Will trade for *new* Palm III, Casio E10 or Phillips NINO in box +

Someone please take this thing from me.

CONTACT: jgom nospam at bigfoot.com if you are interested.

Thank you folks.