RE: [pc110] RE: TouchPad driver (was PC110 For Sale)

Rex Perkins (rperkins nospam at
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 11:20:08 -0500

Well, I'll stay out of the legal discussion <g>. Just doing what I was

Alan makes an excellent point about releasing the rights in my will
though. While not necessarily relevant here, it is elsewhere. I'll give
this some thought. Hadn't even occurred to me before...


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>> As I'm sure you all know, if claims to copyright aren't enforced in the
>> USA you risk losing them. That's why I felt it appropriate to post my
>> original message.
>Nope. At least my legal advice differs. The US has a weird system about
>damages arising from copyright but that is all.
>Im not going to tell you how to copyright and license your own code anyhow ;)
>but if you do it binary only with permission please put the source/binary
>set and rights in your will or something so they eventually get out..
>> Rex.
>> (Wondering if I should bother making my keyboard driver available for
>> download or just keep it for myself...)