Re: [pc110] Installing an D-LINK DE-620 parallel port LAN

Eric Fixler (fix nospam at
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 04:30:50 -0800

The I/O and interrupt seetings the DE 620 needs correspond with what you
get if you set the parallel port to LPT2 in the PC110's setup screen.

After that it should work.


> I am facing a slight problem, when installing Red Hat 5.1 GPL and
> the DE-620 card. The card is not recognized by the system.
> I tried various setting, none of them work. I knew there was a
> Web side, but it seems that I lost the URL.
> Does anybody has a hint for me?
>Best regards,
> Kai mailto:kschmidt nospam at

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