[pc110] compact flash with linux

pat cavanagh (pat nospam at ai.cs.fujitsu.co.jp)
Wed, 07 Oct 1998 10:13:40 +0900

hi there!

i got a pc110 over at tzone, and i installed linux. to install,
i put the hard drive into my notebook, and fipsed it into having
two partitions. then i copied a bunch of slackware disks onto
the dos partition.

after that i booted with the slackware boot disk called "bare.i".
i used the "color.gz" root disk. i thought that there might be a
problem with using two floppies, because i read that on a web
page somewhere, but it worked ok.

the two-floppy redhat boot floppies also booted the system, but
there was some other problem that made it impossible to install.
unfortunately i forgot what the other problem is. maybe it was that
i didn't have enough disk space to copy all the rpm files to the
dos partition, and i couldn't think of a way to decide which rpms
i would need. so i think a redhat install would be possible, if you
know what all the packages do and all their dependencies.

after installing slackware, i tried to configure x-windows. this was
very hard, because i was using xfree86-3.3.1 which doesn't work.
i found another web page that said that xfree86-3.3.1 doesn't work, and
use 3.1.2. so i used 3.1.2 which works.

then i tried to use a second compact flash card. this causes kernel panics.
does anybody know how to compile a kernel which can use two compact
flash cards and a hard drive? i tried the patch to ide.c off zhou's page,
but that didn't fix the problem.

also, is the internal 4 meg flash card removable? has anybody tried
replacing it with a larger card?