[pc110] The LINUX argument.

jg (jgom nospam at bigfoot.com)
Thu, 24 Sep 1998 12:36:03 -0700

OK I just wiped my PC110 clean... having been using it with WIN95 over the
past year I felt it was time to clean house...

Well I am seriously contemplating runnning soley LINUX with X on it. Since
I cant get LILO to work with my PC110 CF, WIN95 & System commander I just
figured its gonna be one or the other.

WIN95 has been good because it allows me log on to my network at work, do
NT administration (95SRVR tools), use a Ricochet modem, and run all the
Netcsape, Email & contact managment utils...

Now can I reproduce this same functionality with LINUX?


Will X benefit me more than WIN95?
It'll be "cool" but will I be able to use it?

Anyone know if LINUX will work with a Xircom Parallel PE3 Ethernet adapter?

jgom nospam at bigfoot.com
Bay Area / Silicon Valley
System Administrator