Re: [pc110] Music on the PC110

Jerod E. Tufte (tufte nospam at
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 12:40:26 -0500

I'm running Debian 2.0+ devel-release-of-the-day on mine, with a
kernel and e2fstools patched with the stuff found at I can run a small system
on my 4 and 15meg cflash disks and a really passable system on the
hard drive. the e2compr patches are, you guessed it, compression
patches for ext2fs. you set an attribute on the file to flag it for
compression, it's pretty cool, although you do notice the hit on
bringing up larger apps. Check it out...


On 16Jul98 06:57, myles wrote:
> Has anyone found a good way of playing music on the PC110? I'd like
> to use it as a walkman (it's the right size after all). MP3's are
> right out, and raw au files take too much disk space. bz2-ed .au files
> are also too big.
> So far the best solution I've found is .gsm files. zgsmplay
> (zgsmplay-1.1.tar.gz at sunsite) is a nice player. The files are tiny
> (about 450K for a 4.5 minute mono 8khz recording, or about 6Megs per hour)
> load isn't too bad for the PC110 (.3?). The only problem is that it sounds
> like a shortwave broadcast.
> An old version of the real audio player might work, but they seem to be
> hiding it from us mortals.
> On an unrelated note, if anyone else is running redhat 5.1 on their PC110,
> could they please shoot me an email?
> myles

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