Re: [pc110] Redhat 5.1 smooth install

Jon McClintock (jammer nospam at
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 22:40:19 -0700 (PDT)

On Tue, 9 Jun 1998, Jon McClintock wrote:

> when I get home. I can also give some more information that'll help you.

Okay, as promised, some more information.

The format of a boot parameter is "hdx=cylinders,heads,sectors". You
append it to the string you give at the LILO prompt. Eg, when your system
boots up, press shift at the "LILO" prompt. You'll then get the following

LILO boot:

>From here you can press <tab> to get a list of available boot devices.
You'll then enter 'linux' followed by any boot parameters

Parameters for the Viper 260MB Type-III PCMCIA hard disk are 34 sectors,
16 heads, and 936 cylinders. On my system, it gets put as /dev/hdc, so
when you boot, you want to specify the boot parameter "hdc=936,12,34".

A more permanent solution is to add the following to your /etc/lilo.conf
(after the line 'vga = normal'):

disk = /dev/hdc
bios = 0x80
sectors = 34
heads = 16
cylinders = 936

Parameters for the internal 4MB flash card are 32 sectors, 2 heads, and
122 cylinders. It gets put at /dev/hda. You shouldn't need to specify boot
parameters for this one.

I've added the following the my /etc/lilo.conf, before the section for

disk = /dev/hda
bios = 0x82
sectors = 32
heads = 2
cylinders = 122

To use an additional flash card, you need to edit the kernel source and
recompile, as specified in Yongguang Zhang's page
( The parameters for it are 32
sectors, 2 heads, and 612 cylinders.

I've found that adding a disk section to the lilo.conf doesn't help, so
I've told it to permanently append the parameter by adding the following
line in the Linux bootable partition configuration section (following the
line 'label = linux':

append = "hdb=612,2,32"

I hope this helps to clarify/fix your problems.