[pc110] Redhat 4.2 Install problem w/o port replicator.

Josh (jg nospam at thegrid.net)
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 11:17:30 -0400

Anybody know how I can install LINUX onto a PC110 w/o a Port replicator,
well actually I do have one but I have 2 PC110's one works with the Port
Rep, and the other doesn't... I can install LINUX on to the 105MB HDD,
using my other PC110 setup, but then when I stick that HDD in my flawed
PC110 it fails to boot (that darned 040404 thing again)... So I guess the
question is once I have LINUX on the HDD how do I get LILO onto the 4MB rom
w/ no floppy or make it the Swap Space?
OR.... Is there a way like in WIN95/NT that I can copy the LINUX source
files to my HDD & then run the install off that?

Wish I could answer my own questions...

jg nospam at thgrid.net