[pc110] ?PC110 REPAIR?

Josh (jg nospam at thegrid.net)
Fri, 22 May 1998 13:07:58 -0700

Anyone know of a place to send your PC110 for repair besides IBM / T-ZONE Japan?

Or does anyone have access to the service documentation for the PC110?

Any super sharp Digital Electronic techs out there?

Mine had a bad 'external' PS2 keyboard (had liquid spilled in it) plugged into it and that has fried something, making it a vegetable if you hook it up to the port replicator or mouse/ps2 adapter cable, also, if I close the lid & put it into suspend, it will not re-awaken upon opening the lid, the keyboard just stays locked.

I believe a lot of MotherBoards have protective circuitry or even fuses for protection from bad keyboards/hot plugging.
Possibly I blew some small replaceable components or maybe even as simple a fuse?
Either way, it has an obvious problem, but beyond that it works fine...

I do have a new working replacement pc110, and was thinking of placing the 2 units side by side, disassembled, then trace & compare the voltage readings to see where the problem may lay... Any ideas? I am a little scared of doing this as the damn thing is SO small inside.


jg nospam at thegrid.net