Re: [pc110] Linux Install: PC110, 171 Mb Maxtor PCMCIA

Mark Willis (mwillis nospam at
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 03:52:44 -0700

Would you suggest a better partitioning, then? (I can probably cut
the Dos partition down to about 4 or 5 Mb of just the absolute essential
Dos files, during the Linux install, giving about 80 Mb for Slackware
packages; I may well have to install a few at a time, if I go that way.

I don't have a port replicator, I'm checking to see if anyone has a
better idea. I don't really need X, mainly text editor & filesystem & a
few other utilities... The desktop machines with EIDE & SCSI & 64 Mb of
RAM will do all the XWindow stuff <G>

Soon I plan to go to compact flash (48 Mb) for Dos/Linux "static"
files, then two 4 Mb SRAM disks (still thinking), but I'd like to get a
bit more hands-on here...

Mark Willis
mwillis nospam at

Alan Cox wrote:
> > I plan to store my "data" in the (bootable) Dos partition, until I get
> > more used to Linux. 40 Mb usually does it so I can install 32 or more
> > Mb of packages (can clear things off for the install, obviously!) into
> > the c: partition & then install to the /dev/hda3 partition (can also use
> > the swap space for extra packages & then re-fdisk it at the last
> > second.)
> That will be quite tight.
> > Anyone have a better idea? I've started the process, used PQMagicT to
> > move HD data around, and so on... Don't know if I want to try X on the
> > PC110, good utils set will probably do me...
> X works well once you get a suitable patched Xserver.
> Alan