[pc110] PC110 PS/2 adapter group purchase

Mark Willis (mwillis nospam at nwlink.com)
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 12:49:48 -0700

To those on the swan.ml.org list & not on the the-gadgeteer.com list,
we have a group purchase of the PC110, PS/2 keyboard/mouse adapters
going on here; We can get them for $9 plus $25 shipping, quantity one,
but in a group purchase situation we can get 10 or so for $35 apiece,
$25 shipping for the whole package, split 10 ways. We have 9 people
ready now, and are about to send an order ?Monday? or so - I'm doing the
money-gathering and ordering, but just to give you folks a chance, if
someone wants to participate, I'm cc'ing this to that list. E-Mail me
soon, I can check e-mail frequently tomorrow & Friday. I just realized
that I hadn't posted to that list on this (I think) - I'm a tad
confused, I think the swan.ml.org list is Linux on the PC110? But it
could be a alternate host of the gadgeteer list, if I'm confused here,
it's for reasons of overwork & brain-deadedness <G>

To all: We have 9 people on the list now, I can go ahead & get a
second unit to push us to 10, so it's a "Go!" for group purchase. I
plan to investigate shipping options today (Need to go RMA some Hard
Drives anyways today via UPS, can ask Post Office folks as well while
out) - I'll say more in the next e-mail just to you interested folks,
which will verify that you're on the list (if you don't get it soon
after this, e-mail me!) I've BCC'ed it to you all, respecting
everyone's privacy.

My estimate per unit of the total costs, at this point, is $45 or so?
per unit, roughly, for most people (Foreign delivery costs may vary!

Mark Willis
mwillis nospam at nwlink.com