[pc110] Re: Linux, X, and glibc2

Julie Strietelmeier (julies nospam at iquest.net)
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 14:26:02 -0500

How does running Linux on the PC100 compare with running Win95 or
Win3.1? What's the speed like?

>Ok, who's got their palmtop running Redhat5/Debian2 with X in 256
>colors? How did you do it? XFree86 3.1.2 doesn't want to run with my
>XFree86 3.3.2 packages. Is the Redhat5 MetroX confirmed to work
>correctly? I've got debian2.0, but I'd be willing to fork out the $$$
>for the Redhat CD if I can install a working MetroX on my system.
>Crazy thing is that XFree 3.3.2 works fine on the external monitor,
>just not on the LCD. I did have all this working correctly with
>debian 1.3.1 a couple of months ago.
>Thanks in advance.
>Also, the win31 drivers for the C&T chips I downloaded from their site
>just seem to lock my system up. I have a small win partition for
>quicken, and 16colors is sorta painful. Any ideas here? I tried the
>bios update disk, but although it claims to have updated the bios, no
>luck on the C&T win drivers.
>Quoting Germann Clark (germannc nospam at mscd.edu):
>> Julie, check Amanda Walker's pc110 page. She has a picture of a Sejin
>> minikeyboard available through Frys (and elsewhere if you do a search).
>> Also, there was a post here about an 84 key IBM through an auction with a
>> minimum bid of something like $16.
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