Re: [pc110] "Next generation" palmtops?

Fred L. Templin (templin nospam at
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 16:30:20 -0800


> Sketchy is an understatement. The page is dated 1995, and the hardware
> part is limited to a survey of RF devices for wireless communication.
> Is there something more recent?
> Vaughan Pratt

Sorry you weren't able to find more details. I knew the page was out of
date, but I didn't realize it had so few details. The real core features
of the device are that it incorporates an SMOS CARD-PC module with 100Mhz
486 processor (see:, four PC-CARD slots, a reasonably large
integral flash card for non-volatile storage and lots of research-centric
I/O options such as radio networking cards and a GPS module. As I mentioned,
the device is being developed for a research project and there are no
immediate plans for commercialization. But, the WWW page did express interest
in the possibility of technology transfer to commercial partners, so I
wouldn't rule commercialization out completely...

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