[pc110] "Next generation" palmtops?

Alan W Black (awb nospam at cstr.ed.ac.uk)
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 19:17:27 GMT

Fred L. Templin writes on 25 March 1998:
> Does anyone have any experience with any "next
> generation" palmtops which might address these two issues?

There seems to be a distinct lack of a potential successor to
the PC110 but I've not given up hope yet. The libretto currently
is the only alternative, but it does seem to have less potential than
the PC110 inspite of it being later technology, The multiple PCCARD
slots plus compact flash is a big advantage when using it for
interesting tasks.

I have noted the CARDIO systems which are small complete PC compatible
cores (sort of PCCARD type III size) around which small palmtops could
be built. They offer 586 and pentium power (probably) but I've yet to
see any systems built around them.

I know PCs aren't the only way to provide power but while companies
have closed development environments (and closed hardware) it does make
it difficult to get full use of the hardware for interesting projects.
However perhaps there's hope as I see Geofox (a psion 5 clone) have
stated that they will release low level harware details of the device
and offered a machine to help in a port of Linux
(http://www.redhat.com/~ed/linux-7110.html). This gives me hope that
those who want a programmable device may be able to benefit from the
more mainstream PDA hardware coming out.