Re: [pc110] "Next generation" palmtops?

Fred L. Templin (templin nospam at
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 09:54:28 -0800

Thanks Aaron,

I should have mentioned that we also have one of the Libretto's. I agree
with the positive attributes of the Libretto you point out. The problem
I have with it is that the handheld unit has only one PC-CARD slot (a
second can be accessed by plugging into the base station) and we need at
least two PC-CARD slots in the standalone handheld unit itself. The Libretto
is also a bit "bulky" in comparison with the PC110. Has anyone looked into
the Philips units at all, and do these seem like a match for my requirments?


templin nospam at

> You should definitely checkout the Toshiba Libretto -- the CT70
> which is a P210MMX is dropping in price now that the CT100 (a P166MMX) is
> out. These systems have more than a gig of disk space by default and are
> upgradable to 4gb.