Re: [pc110] serial ports on PC110

Alan W Black (awb nospam at
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 16:58:43 GMT

Alan Cox writes on 20 March 1998:
> > As I've just bought a (rediculously expensive) JetEye infrared port to
> > talk to my pc110 I've started trying to get the serial ports to work
> I bought a fairly cheap Adaptec airport.

Yes I looked for that but couldn't find one (well I found a pointer
to one in the US but even adaptec seem to be reluctant to sell it in
teh UK). Even to the get the JetEye I had to phone a number of companies
before I found one willing to send me 1 (rather than many) and not
requiring I open an account with them and send a purchase order.

> The Linux driver sees them happily and reports them as on the standard
> IRQ lines. Perhaps the FreeBSD driver is a bit overparanoid. I dont know
> if they are real or custom logic uart emulations, nothing else I've
> met has objected to them. You might want to shove a Linux boot disk in
> the floppy drive and see what it sees on your PC110, then tell FreeBSD
> where to look ..

I thought they should be simple, I'll test them with a Linux kernel
to see what it says.



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