Re: [pc110] performance/usability issues

Ed_Porter nospam at
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 09:35:53 +0200

>1) How does it perform running linux
I haven't timed it, but it feels about as fast as the 200MHz windoze nt box
under my desk :-0
Real work, like using gcc, seems to go about 8 times as fast on a 166MHz
linux box (but I expect other people have timed it properly, and will
correct me now).

>2) How is the keyboard?
It's ok if you put the pc110 down and use two hands, assuming you haven't
got stubby fingers, but the same applies (to a lesser extent) to almost any
portable computer that I've tried.

>3) How is the pointing device? It looks awkward to move from typing to
using >the pointer thing and back again.
It's better, imho, than the one on the big Thinkpads, because you can use
it if you've picked it up, and it's quite comfortable if you hold the box
in two hands. The pointer on the libretto seems a bit strange to me, with a
big furry nipple by the screen and the buttons on the outside of the lid.

>4) Does anyone have any comparisons to the libretto? The pc110 is
>cheaper, but it's also a 486.
The libretto seems to be halfway between the pc110 and several other small
notebooks I saw in Japan recently, so they're not your only choices. The
pc110 is the smallest and most stylish, but the bigger the box, the more
there is inside, and the higher the price, obviously.

Hope this helps (doubt it though)