[pc110] HD spin down

Dmytro Kovalev (dk nospam at nps.venture-web.or.jp)
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 12:46:49 +0900


I recall somebody asked before this question, but I've never seen answer to

Anybody having a problem with hdparm or bit's just me?

I think I killed everything (for the sake of testing and getting it working
finally) and disabled everything possible (swap including)

I'm trying hdparm -S1 /dev/hdc which is supposed to set timeout to 5 seconds.
But my HD never stops.

Only these processes are running currently on PC110:
init, kflushd, kswapd, bash, login.

Any suggestion?


	Dmytro Kovalev
	kov nospam at tokyo.email.ne.jp