Thomas Harding (tharding nospam at sover.net)
Sun, 08 Mar 1998 07:50:56 -0500

It does not work on my PC110. In the main setup screen, CTRL+A does nothing.

At 08:41 PM 3/7/98 +0000, Josh wrote:
>Hello again....
>Well I am not sure if anybody has pointed this one out but I figured since
this works on regular ThinkPads it "may" work on our PC110's...And it does...
>When you power up & hold down F1 it gets you into BIOS Setup (just like
Thinkpads)... Well, when in the main setup screen, hit <CTRL>+<A> , that's
The "CTRL" key plus the letter "A" key... A pleasant "dong" will sound & 2
new options will appear at the top of the screen.. One is "LOOP" this
allows you to put your unit thru a continuos loop (aka-Burn In) system
test, allowing yo uto choose which options to test... The other seems like
an advanced setup for PCMCIA slots 1 & 2, a 2nd Floppy config & a couple
other things which I have not played with yet...
>So if someone feels like tinkering a bit , maybe they can provide a little
more info what these other configs do...
>jg nospam at thegrid.net


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