[pc110] Re: *HELP* PROBLEM w/ MY PC110 - URGENT

Rusty Lingenfelter (lingenfr nospam at netins.net)
Sat, 7 Mar 1998 15:30:01 -0600


Try pressing the function key. That wakes mine up from suspend.


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Date: Saturday, March 07, 1998 1:50 PM
Subject: *HELP* PROBLEM w/ MY PC110 - URGENT

>My PC110 was in the Docking Port like usual, connected to AC Power & the
Floppy Drive... Next time I Powered it up, I noticed that it would not
boot... Like it was dead, no POST.BIOS, nothing...
>This being after I had played around in BIOS to configure modems, etc...
But I had done the 'exact same' thing before with no ill effects...
>I did click on the "initialize" icon in BIOS though, maybe that reset it to
some weird state?
>The problem somehow seems related to suspend while being docked/undocked /
vice versa...
>Out of the docking port the PC110 works fine & boots up ok, normally - can
use it... But in the Docking Port it will not turn on... The small LCD
screen on the front shows it is turning on & flashes the "IBM" logo then
goes directly to displaying either battery level or AC power if it is
plugged in.... But no screen, not even with a VGA monitor hooked up to the
back which ususally works fine...
>I am completely perplexed, I tried everything nothing seems to work...
>If I take it out of the bay & turn it on, it powers up normally, if I put
it in suspend mode, then bring itback up, the display comes back on but the
keyboard no longer works!
>Anybody seen this before? Did I set something inadvertently? Is this a PS2
controlled feature/symptom?
>Also, if I plug in the Keyboard/PS2 adapter to the rear of the PC110 while
it is NOT in th edocking port
> it behaves the same way, lik eit is in the Docking Port, no Display or
boot up, but the IBM logo & battery level will display on the front LCD
screen ...
>Can anybody provide me with any insight?
>I am near tears thinking my PC110 is somehow now damaged...
>jg nospam at thegrid.net