[pc110] Re: Installing LINUX w/WIN95 & DOS on Flash ROM & PCMCIA.

Rusty Lingenfelter (lingenfr nospam at netins.net)
Sat, 7 Mar 1998 08:11:04 -0600


I got a little bit lost in the post, but if you load your WIN 95 CD and type
setup /? you will see an option that allows you to specify where you want
the setup files to be loaded. I know this is the case with OSR 2.0/2.1. I am
not sure about the earlier versions. I think that this will solve your
problems. The other thing to try is to do the very minimum setup, i.e. use
custom and no boxes checked and complete the setup. Then go in and get rid
of all the worthless crap that you don't need, i.e. online services etc.
Then go to control panel, add remove programs, windows setup and add the
other apps that you need. You might also check out the Windows 95 annoyances
website. In there they talk about cutting down the number of fonts as a
method to reduce HD space and speed up the boot up process. I have not tried
it one mine yet, but I have no doubt that the author is correct. YMMV.


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Date: Friday, March 06, 1998 1:57 PM
Subject: Installing LINUX w/WIN95 & DOS on Flash ROM & PCMCIA.

>Me again....
>Well I have made a little bit of progress in my battle with getting
multpile OS's on my PC110...
>I disabled the PCMCIA altogether from BIOS....
>That seems to have solved the Drive numbering/lettering thing & has left me
with the abilitiy to use the Type III drive as a 2nd HDD w/no Drivers
required (super!!!)...
>So my BIOS boot up sequence now looks like this....
>Thats it...
>PC110 will boot into System Commander no matter if drive is in or out of
PCMCIA slot.... Good.
>If I have the Type III drive in System Commander will give me the option to
Boot LINUX as well.... Good.
>Previously before this I would boot from my Type III & be able to select
WIN95 from System commander Menu, but then couldn't boot LINUX or anything
on the Flash ROM , now I cannot boot WIN95...
>I know I am getting close to resolving this issue....
>The problem now is:
> I have wiped my "D:\" drive with the intention of re-installing WIN95 on
it (148MB)...
>I can boot up into PCDOS from Flash Rom, it will load my Parallel CD-ROM
drivers & allow me to access my WIN95 CD (as well as my 148MB d:\ drive) ,
so When I run Setup for WIN95 installation I tell it I want to install it to
D:\WINDOWS.. Problem now is, WIN95 Dies mid-setup because it wants to write
about 2+ MB of data on the bootable C:\ drive, well, I don;t have that much
space nor would I wanna give it to WIN 95... I want the entire WIN95 system
on Drive D:\ with only the required boot files on Drive C:\ (4 MB Flash Rom)
if needed at all... I could care less if System Commander doesnt give me a
WIN95 option when the Type III drive is NOT in... So is there a switch for
Win95's SETUP to tell it that I want to install to the D:\ drive, not the
C:\ drive....???
>Now, if I re-Config BIOS to boot up PCMCIA first , then my Type III
becomes Drive C:\ & I can run a succesful install of WIN95, and that will
make my Type III bootable to WIN95, problem is then if I switch the BIOS
back to booting from HDD1 (Flash ROM) although I can getinto my D:\ drive
(148MB) and force it to boot WIN95, it will crash giving me a VFAT error,
since I have of course re-arranged the lettering of the drive where boot
files reside...Or something...
>Can any body who can make sense of what I am trying to do provide any
>Sounds like i need to do some System Commander tweaking maybe??? Tell it
where to find WIN95 boot files (d:\windows\command.com) ?
>Maybe Edit WIN95 Registry to tell it that D:\ is the bottable drive?
>Again the scenario (for now) looks like this:
>I have a 20MB PC110.
>BIOS boot up sequence is : 1=Floppy, 2=HDD1.
>(c:\) 4 MB Flash ROM is PC/JDOS w/ a couple Comm utilities for use with
Modem & a PC Card.
>System commander is loaded on 4MB Flash ROM to provide acces to multiple
OS's (duhh...)
>(d:\) 148 MB of my Type III PCMCIA drive is reserved for WIN95...
>Remaining 100MB of Type III drive is for RH LINUX 4.2 (10MB Swap, 90MB
System <--- is this OK? Can I run X-windows???)
>When the Type III drive is "IN" I want to be able to Select either
LINUX,PCDOS or WIN95 from System Commander...
>When the Type III drive is "OUT" PCDOS/JDOS will be the only selectable OS
(of course)...
>Sorry for being a pest with this one, but I know it can be done, just a
matter of 'how'.... AND, when accomplished this just increases the
awsomeness of the PC110...
>Thanks to all who help!!!!
>jg nospam at thegrid.net
>PS: yeah, you are right... When I finally get a CF Flash Card (Hmmm, 8, 15
or 30Mb?) , I will do it all over again!!!!