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Wed, 04 Mar 1998 12:41:44 -0800

Ok folks....

Still trying to get LINUX to run on my PC110 with minimal Space...
Now my problem is System commander wont boot LINUX..

I am doing just a base LINUX linux install from my BackPack Parallel Port CD-ROM...
It installs fine, using only 29MB of my 100available & I only give a 5MB Swap Partition (stupid?) since I have a 20MB PC110...
I have just the JDOS that comes with the pC110 installed on the 4MB ROM...(hda1).
On the Type III 260MB HDD I have win95/DOS on the 1st 148MB partition...(hdc1).
So my Swap file is hdc2, and my Filesystem is on hdc3...

I have tried installing LILO to the MBR & it doesnt work, it puts it on hda1 & when I boot up without my PC TYPE III drive in, it gives me a bunch of scrolling 010101010101010101's.... No good, plus that is not how I wanted it...
Like on my laptop it works fine, but I think with all these drives it is throwing LILO or System Commader off somehow...
If I put LILO on First Partion of System (hdc3) it does the same crap , 01010101010101's across the screen at boot up & System Commander doesnt see it for some reason unless I force it a bootable option....
And of course if I skip LILo altogether it just doesn;t work at all... HELP!!!!!!

Where & how should I install LILO????
I have never had problems with LINUX install untill now!

Anybody! Help! Thank you!!!!

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On 3/4/98, at 10:41 AM, Alan Cox wrote:

>> I am using System Commander to select between OS's, so really, I do not even need LILO, but I don't know how to NOT install it...
>> Am I making sense???
>LILO is still needed to boot the Linux partition but install it in the Linux
>partition not th MBR
>> (Hell, if I could get a good PIM & find a way to administer my NT servers from X-windows, I would scrap 95 altogether)...
>Ok that would
>1. ical
>2. VNC (tho VNC may not be enough) -