Re: [pc110] Attempting to Install Linux

Eric Fixler (fix nospam at
Thu, 5 Feb 1998 09:28:37 -0800

Thanks to Alan and Mark for the quick help. I changed the port to LPT2 in
the BIOS and now it comes up as LPT1 (?) at 0378h, IRQ 7. Hopefully this
will work in the Linux setup.

Anyone know a good DOS program for retrieving the drive geometries? FDISK
doesn't give the info I need...

thx much

>> 1) Slackware's installer recognizes my PCMCIA drive and internal flash disk
>> just fine, but not by compact flash card, where I've placed the install
>> files (a1-a9 in the slackware dist). The PC-card comes up as hda and the
>> internal flash as hdc. In dos, the PC card is C:, the internal flash D:
>> and the compact flash E:.
>You need to pass an hdblah=geometry for the compact flash drive. Its not
>passed by the BIOS, the drive itself doesnt support geometry commands and
>out of range accesses crash the flashdisk controller 8)

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