Re: [pc110] Any news on 33.6 modem upgrade?

SAKAMOTO Yoshinori (sakamoto nospam at
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 10:36:52

hello there Amanda.

Nice to see you again.
If you remember me, from Japanese mailing list.

> Does anyone have any more info on the T-Zone modem upgrade? I'll
> happily ship my PC110 back to Japan if they are really available...

I myself does not have this modem but go some information.

* it does work under DOS/Win 95 OK. Dont know about Linux.
* Under DOS, need PS2 command to do 33.6. ( just onece but..)
* it is about 25,000 yen.
* you have to install by yourself, or extra 2,000 yen ( not
sure ) to let T-Zone to do it.
* You will lose Telephone function.

This is all I know at this moment.

Hope this info help.

bye 4 now...