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Wed, 31 Dec 1997 06:22:15 -0800

The Power Down feature is a function of the computer and is not
available on the PC110. At least I was never able to find it.

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> Subject: [pc110] SHUTDOWN POWER COMMAND(s) for PC110
> I have noticed that on my PC110 when I shut down WIN 95 it goes down
> to
> the "YOU MAY NOW SAFELY Blah Blah- SHUT DOWN" & I have to manually
> switch the unit off...
> On my other Thinkpad win95 shuts it down completely (powers it off)...
> Also while in PersonnaWare I noticed that when you go into setup & if
> you select 'Exit PersonnWare' it will shut the PC110 down
> completely...
> What am I missing here...?
> is there a command line command to shut the PC110 down? Or a special
> otion under WIN95 to make the system completely power off upon shut
> down....
> josh
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