Ian Woolf (iwoolf nospam at socs.uts.EDU.AU)
Tue, 4 Nov 1997 13:45:29 +1100 (EST)

On the subject of the death of the PC110, I made enquiries to the Mobilis
web magazine, and their Japanese correspondent kindly told me the

The Ultraman is still pretty alive and kicking.  Of course, IBM is not
very enthusiastic, but they don't lose too much money too maintain a
small but steady flow into the market.  Actually, the Ultramans are being
built by Matsushita Kotobuki, absolutely no overhead to IBM Japan!
  On the contrary, the Ultraman had a great resurgence recently.  Because
IBM started selling a clever DOS-based web browser "Web Boy" which runs
perfectly well on it.  No need to install Windows using a Type III card
anymore.  You can use the slot for a quick modem.  Anyway, the cheap "Web
Boy" was a big hit.

Mobilis at is a terrific magazine. Its the first place I'd ever heard of the PC110.

As the PC110 is still in production, its no wonder that there is finally some third-party upgrades like this modem being made available. I just wish someone would sell them in Australia, so I could play with one and compare it to the Libretto. I finally got to play with a Libretto, Win95 is disgusting on a small screen, but I hate win95 anyway. I adapted to the mousepointer thingy quick enough, is it the same mechanism on the PC110?

The Libretto is distributed in Australia with an Australian warranty, which is a plus, but costs over $3300 which is too much.

Regards, Ian