Re: [pc110] Flash disk layout

robin nospam at
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 09:53:50 +0100

Alan Cox <alan nospam at> wrote:
> I'll put most of my flash image up in a day or two when its tuned further,
> minus the metroX objects that aren't free bits.
I suggest instead (or in addition) that you put up a script which,
when run on an existing RedHat system, collects up the bits it needs
and constructs said tar file. I suppose it'll have to supply a few
non-standard bits and pieces like config files as well.

Have you put scarabd on? If not, you should! As we know for our early
experiments, version 1.3 (
drives the PC110 IrDA port quite happily. Version 1.4 (out any day now)
knows about the Adaptec AirPort for use on the desktop end, but those
features are fairly pointless on the PC110... well, I suppose you could
connect an AirPort to the base station and use the PC110 as an IrDA relay!


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