Re: [pc110] Flash disk layout

Vaughan R. Pratt (pratt nospam at
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 12:04:30 -0700

I've put a gzipped tar file of the contents of my 15MB flash on

(also ftp-able from the that machine as /pub/pc110-15ix.tgz). This
selection should leave about 4MB of unused space on the compact flash.

I left out netscape for obvious reasons. This subset of Slackware fits
entirely inside the SanDisk 15MB compact flash, no need to touch the
internal 4MB flash. I have a working subset of Latex/xdvi in my 4MB
flash, if there's interest I'd be happy to make a tar file of it too.

As for omissions and layout:

Unlike Vaughan's tree its got all the "normal" unix commands
and layout on it (except gcc ;)) so should be generally useful
rather than tailored to one person

My layout is exactly Slackware's, so all differences between your
layout and mine would be differences between Slackware and Redhat.

As to omissions, I wasn't aware there was such a thing as a "normal"
Unix command. Obviously /usr/bin isn't going to fit in 15MB:
Slackware's /usr/bin is 17MB, RedHat's is 33MB. As for /bin, RedHat
has 70 files (as measured by ls|wc), Slackware has 78, I have 72. (The
list I gave earlier omitted arch domainname-yp free getopt ipmask
killall mkfifo ttysnoops cpio dialog ed netstat sln, which I've since
restored to /bin, I can see where people might want some of these.)

The only remaining /bin omissions from pc110-15ix are mt-GNU, mt-st,
umssync, and two shells, ash and zsh. (Bash and tcsh are there, does
it make sense to have ash and zsh as well? Having four shells in a
15MB file system would seem to make "normal Unix command" an oxymoron.)

Any other "normal" commands I left out?

A better solution is to get the Hitachi 30MB compact flash, 15MB is too
expensive timewise.