Re: [pc110] SanDisk

Vaughan R. Pratt (pratt nospam at
Mon, 28 Jul 1997 10:16:28 -0700

Dick reminded me that Alan thought there was a kernel problem with
the scan for two SanDisk drives, but Vaughan didn't mention any
fixes like that to get his working.

Sorry about that, I did have to do something about that problem.
Here's my lilo.conf which gives one solution to the problem, which does
not require any fiddling with driver source. Once you've lilo'd your
kernel with this you can forget about it.

boot = /dev/hdb1 # /dev/hdb should be ok too (I use bteasy on the mbr)
delay = 20
vga = normal
ramdisk = 0
disk = /dev/hdb
bios = 0x80
sectors = 32
heads = 2
cylinders = 477
image = /vmlinuz
root = /dev/hdb1
label = linux
append = "hdb=noprobe hdb=477,2,32"

The append passes these parameters in the boot line, which you can also
do manually prior to Lilo'ing your kernel, as in

LILO boot: linux hdb=noprobe hdb=477,2,32

The noprobe tells Linux to assume hdb is there without looking, so
don't use it when the compact flash is not inserted. In particular
watch out that Lilo doesn't default to it from the previous time you
typed it; this is only an issue when manually passing "noappend", once
you've lilo'd your kernel the compact flash will "know" about itself
and handle things automatically and there won't be any manually typed
"noappend" to confuse Lilo when booting anything else.


Here fyi is what I put in my compact flash, including an old 2.9MB
version of netscape (version 1.12, 26-Sep-95). (The pixmaps might look
like a lot but its only 42KB.) Following that is what I put in the 4MB
internal flash, namely Latex/xdvi.

============ 15MB SanDisk Compact Flash ================
ls chmod cp df mv rm dircolors gzip date uname stty kill cut cat login
more mount umount setterm hostname head mkdir touch dmesg ftp mknod
chown ln chgrp du tcsh tar ping pwd rmdir ps dd echo false setserial su
sync telnet true bash
boot.b map boot.1601 boot.0341
group issue motd termcap csh.cshrc csh.login services HOSTNAME
DIR_COLORS mtab passwd syslog.conf inittab
printcap exports host.conf hosts inetd.conf networks protocols fstab
psdevtab lilo.conf gettydefs localtime magic shells ttys fastboot
XF86Config ftpaccess ftpconversions ftpgroups ftpusers resolv.conf
cdrom cdrom.opts config config.opts fixed fixed.opts network
network.opts pcmem pcmem.opts scsi scsi.opts serial serial.opts shared
rc.pcmcia rc.6 rc.M rc.S rc.local rc.modules rc.inet1 rc.inet2 rc.ibcs2
rc.K rc.serial rc.4 rc.httpd rc.keymap
block/loop.o net/bsd_comp.o net/dummy.o net/eql.o net/8390.o fs/nfs.o
fs/umsdos.o fs/ufs.o misc/lp.o misc/pc110pad.o modules.dep
ds.o fixed_cs.o i82365.o iflash2+_mtd.o iflash2_mtd.o memory_cs.o
pcmcia_core.o pcmem_cs.o pcnet_cs.o serial_cs.o sram_mtd.o
/lib/ uncompress-0.9d.o
insmod modprobe kerneld ldconfig dip-3.3.7o cardmgr halt shutdown
killall5 initscript init agetty clock swapon ifconfig route e2fsck
update fsck lilo fdisk flushb genksyms getty kbdrate lsmod rdev
runlevel ide_info
grep biff sed find tty wc elvis rsh rcp rlogin sleep file gpm basename
cu strings strace sum tail vmstat gawk diff cmp fmt last bc passwd tput
reset talk tee test uniq uptime users uudecode uuencode which write
zgrep diskcopy filesize expr apropos fuser
atrun man.config zoneinfo/Etc/GMT zoneinfo/localtime
crond klogd quotaoff in.rlogind inetd tcpd in.telnetd wu.ftpd in.rshd
netdate syslogd
xload xhost xset xclock xinit startx xmodmap xterm xev xsetroot
fvwm95-2 XF86_SVGA xgifroot xli xlito
fonts.dir fonts.alias
fonts.alias fonts.dir 5x8.pcf.Z 7x13.pcf.Z 7x13B.pcf.Z cursor.pcf.Z
helvB12.pcf.Z helvR10.pcf.Z helvR12.pcf.Z fonts.dir luRS12.pcf.Z
fonts.alias courR12.pcf.Z courR14.pcf.Z helvB14.pcf.Z timR10.pcf.Z
timB14.pcf.Z timI10.pcf.Z courB12.pcf.Z courO08.pcf.Z
mini-x2.xpm mini-term.xpm mini-calc.xpm mini-bx2.xpm mini-xv.xpm
mini-nscape.xpm mini-zoom.xpm mini-edit.xpm mini-run.xpm mini-gv.xpm
mini-colors.xpm mini-eyes.xpm mini-filemgr.xpm mini-book1.xpm
mini-paint.xpm mini-sh1.xpm mini-happy.xpm mini-lock.xpm mini-ray.xpm
mini-stop.xpm mini-maze.xpm mini-cdlabel.xpm mini-turn.xpm
mini-bball.xpm mini-exclam.xpm mini-cross.xpm mini-pencil.xpm
mini-question.xpm mini-bug2.xpm mini-windows.xpm mini-hammer.xpm
mini-display.xpm mini-modules.xpm mini-raise.xpm mini-lower.xpm
mini-exp.xpm mini-clock.xpm mini-rball.xpm
netscape tcx untcx twiddler a2x
utmp pcmcia-scheme stab
XClock XTerm Xfm Xloadimage
XKeysymDB Xcms.txt rgb.txt xinit/.Xmodmap
locale.alias locale.dir compose.dir C/XLC_LOCALE iso8859-1/Compose
FvwmPager FvwmTaskBar
C nls.dir
cron messages debug syslog

========= 4 MB Internal Flash ======

cmr17.600pk cmbx12.720pk cmbx12.600pk cmsy10.720pk cmr12.600pk
cmtt10.657pk cmbx10.657pk cmti10.657pk cmsy10.657pk cmmi10.657pk
cmr10.657pk cmbx10.600pk cmti10.600pk cmmi9.600pk cmr9.600pk
cmsy8.600pk cmmi8.600pk cmr8.600pk cmsy6.600pk cmr6.600pk cmsy10.600pk
cmr10.600pk cmex10.600pk cmbx7.600pk cmbx8.600pk cmbx9.600pk
cmcsc10.600pk cmmi10.600pk cmmi12.600pk cmmi5.600pk cmmi6.600pk
cmmi7.600pk cmr12.720pk cmr17.720pk cmr7.600pk cmr8.720pk cmsl10.600pk
cmsy7.600pk cmsy9.600pk cmti12.600pk cmti9.600pk cmtt8.720pk
cmbx10.1037pk cmbx10.1244pk cmbx10.1493pk cmbx10.720pk cmbx10.864pk
cmcsc10.1037pk cmex10.720pk cmcsc10.540pk cmcsc10.657pk cmcsc10.720pk
cmcsc10.864pk cmmi10.1037pk cmmi10.720pk cmmi10.864pk cmmi12.720pk
cmmi5.720pk cmmi7.1037pk cmmi7.720pk cmr10.1037pk cmr10.1244pk
cmr10.720pk cmr10.864pk cmr5.600pk cmr5.720pk cmr7.1037pk cmr7.720pk
cmsl10.657pk cmsl12.600pk cmsl8.600pk cmsl9.600pk cmss10.600pk
cmss10.657pk cmss12.600pk cmsy10.1037pk cmsy10.1244pk cmsy10.864pk
cmsy5.1037pk cmsy5.600pk cmsy5.720pk cmsy7.1037pk cmsy7.720pk
cmti10.1037pk cmti10.720pk cmti7.514pk cmti7.600pk cmti8.600pk
cmtt10.600pk cmtt12.600pk cmtt8.600pk cmtt9.600pk
lcircle10.600pk linew10.600pk line10.600pk lasy10.600pk lasy10.657pk
lasy10.720pk lasy10.864pk lasy9.600pk lcirclew10.600pk
OMScmr.fd Ulasy.fd article.cls latex209.def latexsym.sty size11.clo
tracefnt.sty size10.clo size12.clo
cmbx10.tfm cmbx12.tfm cmbx5.tfm cmbx6.tfm cmbx7.tfm cmbx8.tfm cmbx9.tfm
cmcsc10.tfm cmmi10.tfm cmmi12.tfm cmmi6.tfm cmmi8.tfm cmmi9.tfm
cmr10.tfm cmr12.tfm cmr17.tfm cmr6.tfm cmr8.tfm cmr9.tfm cmsl10.tfm
cmsl12.tfm cmsl8.tfm cmsl9.tfm cmss10.tfm cmss12.tfm cmss8.tfm
cmss9.tfm cmsy10.tfm cmsy6.tfm cmsy8.tfm cmsy9.tfm cmti10.tfm
cmti12.tfm cmti7.tfm cmti8.tfm cmti9.tfm cmtt10.tfm cmtt12.tfm
cmtt8.tfm cmtt9.tfm
lasy10.tfm lasy5.tfm lasy6.tfm lasy7.tfm lasy8.tfm lasy9.tfm
web2c/latex.fmt web2c/mf.base fontname/
fontname/ xdvi/XDvi ls-R dvips/misc/
virtex xdvi xdvi.bin MakeTeXMF MakeTeXPK MakeTeXTFM MakeTeXmkdir
MakeTeXnames kpsetool virmf