Re: [pc110] misc questions

Alan Cox (alan nospam at
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 10:28:39 +0100 (BST)

> Me neither (the 340 drive), but since I'm on cflash these days it
> doesn't bother me. (It does shut down when you suspend by closing the
> lid, otherwise that would be a disaster.) I'm always near a power
> outlet when I need to do something that uses the hard drive.

The drive drops to a lower power but still running mode on a timeout. To
drop it totally you need to do power control on the PCMCIA slot itself.
That is on my list of things to do when I have some time.

> What pim software do you guys use?
> Don't laugh: calendar. It mails me the next two days appts each
> morning, and its database is an easily-edited go-anywhere 100% portable
> ASCII file that I can even copy to my Pilot as a memo (but it would be
> nice if someone had a calendar2pilot translator given that the Pilot
> does not make it convenient to move around in humongous memos).

That shouldnt be hard - Im assuming you've got all the unix-pilot tools ?

As to PIM tools I've never really seen eye to eye with the stuff. Im where
I am (frequently the wrong place) doing what I am (normally the wrong thing)
and I've never had the urge to change. The only stuff I do run is an email
based problem tracking system called "req", which I use for keeping job
lists and bug lists in things Im working on.

Writing some PIM type tools is about number 945 on the "things I ought to
do this decade" list. I guess you could run xcopilot on it 8)

Someone else quoted comp.sources.unix vol20 for the tools he is using
in text mode.

index-db (2 parts) Maintain multiple databases of textual data

> would be nice if someone could come up with something decent here, e.g.
> some sort of clever add-on to the ext2 fs in the kernel.

Actually there are patches for it floating around. They really need changes
to the VFS layer because its disk and memory pages dont match. Those are
partly in 2.1.x now, and will be totally in for 2.2

> ramdisk). Is there a smaller gui browser for linux than netscape?
> This humongous statically linked program takes up 20% of the flash!

Not much smaller. After a brief (painful) experience trying to use netscape4
on the PC110 I installed the commercial Red Baron browser bundled with
Red Hat.