Re: [pc110] installing small linux boot off pcmcia - HOWTO

Fringe Ryder (fringe nospam at
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 06:40:50 -0800

I tried several years ago, but could not get a LILO load to work; I wound
up putting loadlin on the tiny internal RAM disk.

At 10:18 AM 1/22/01 +0000, Prashant wrote:
>So I have been trying to create a pure linux system
>boot off a pcmcia card on my pc110, ie no loadlin in
>dos as I did before. I am using a small linux
>distribution call MuLinux (see
>This here is the result of "fdisk /dev/hdc", ie fdisk
>of the pcmcia card when
>it is in the card reader of my desktop:
># fdisk /dev/hdc
>Command (m for help): p
>Disk /dev/hdc: 4 heads, 32 sectors, 1008 cylinders
>Units = cylinders of 128 * 512 bytes
> Device Boot Start End Blocks Id
>/dev/hdc1 * 1 1008 64511+ 83
>I created a mulinux floppy and then copied it to my
>compact flash (well,
>I did it in an even more round-about way, but here is
>a synopsis):
># cat /dev/fd0H1722 > /dev/hdc1
>I mounted the flash card:
># mount -t ext2 /dev/hdc1 /mnt/pcmcia0
>I then modified the mulinux lilo.conf file named
>"lilo.1722" to look like
>this: (note: the /boot/boot.b, etc. files do exist on
>the flash, I
># lilo.conf for muLinux (build by mu script)
> bios=0x80
> sectors=32
> heads= 4
> cylinders=1008
>append="INFO=1722 load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=0
>ramdisk_size=4600 ramdisk_start=596 "
>and then ran the mulinux version of lilo to install
># cat lilo.1722 | ./lilo -r /mnt/pcmcia0 -C -
>but I get this error:
>stat /dev/hdc: No such file or directory
>I get this error if I change hdc to hdc1:
>stat /dev/hdc1: No such file or directory
>I am sure my lilo.1722 is bad somehow.
>Can anyone see my problem? I know I have to change the
>append= to
>something like "hdb=noprobe hdb=1008,4,32" as well.
>(is that right?)
>What are the different device names on the pc110? Is
>this it:
>/dev/hda = 4mb flash
>/dev/hdb = compact flash 1
>/dev/hdc = compact flash 2
>? Do I use these device names in lilo in root=, or ...
>hm, a little
>confused here. What confuses me is what device names
>to use when in lilo,
>in editing the lilo.conf am I talking to lilo or to
>the boot loader...
>oh, I also have the pcmcia booting first in my pc110
>h/w config.
>thanks in advance