Re: [pc110] Newbie: Where is the best place to strart?

Fringe Ryder (fringe nospam at
Wed, 24 May 2000 09:21:18 -0700

The approach I took was to install to the harddisk, by copying the modules
over to the CF as needed.

This allowed me the flexibility to install it on the PC110 without a live
connection to a source for all the data (e.g. CD-ROM or network.)

At 05:02 AM 5/24/00 -0700, Gary Carne wrote:
> >>>>>>Experienced PC110 User<<<<<<
> >>> Wants to Get Started in the World of Lunix!<<<
> >>>>>Looking for Free Advice<<<<<
>I have owned a PC110 for a couple years running Win95
>successfully. I would like to install Lunix. There
>are lots of installation guides on the web and in
>computer stores. There is also a lot of great advice
>on the PC110/Lunix sites and mail archive. I am in
>information overload. Is this really that
>complicated? Anybody have advice about the best
>place to get started? I'm not even sure where I
>should install Lunix (type III HD or CF card). Any
>advice is most welcome.
>I have a copy of Red Hat v6.2
>I have some experience with UNIX.
>My hardware config is:
>PC110 with 20 MB RAM
>Docking Station (port replicator)
>260 MB Viper Type III hard drive (currently Win 95)
>96 MB SanDisk CF card (I currently us this to store
>files that I use on my PC110, laptop and desktop)
>I also have a IBM ThinkPad 600e that I can use to copy
>files from the CDROM to my PCMCIA hard drive or CF
>garycarne nospam at
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