[pc110] Newbie: Where is the best place to strart?

Gary Carne (garycarne nospam at yahoo.com)
Wed, 24 May 2000 05:02:54 -0700 (PDT)

>>>>>>Experienced PC110 User<<<<<<
>>> Wants to Get Started in the World of Lunix!<<<
>>>>>Looking for Free Advice<<<<<

I have owned a PC110 for a couple years running Win95
successfully. I would like to install Lunix. There
are lots of installation guides on the web and in
computer stores. There is also a lot of great advice
on the PC110/Lunix sites and mail archive. I am in
information overload. Is this really that
complicated? Anybody have advice about the best
place to get started? I'm not even sure where I
should install Lunix (type III HD or CF card). Any
advice is most welcome.

I have a copy of Red Hat v6.2

I have some experience with UNIX.

My hardware config is:
PC110 with 20 MB RAM
Docking Station (port replicator)
260 MB Viper Type III hard drive (currently Win 95)
96 MB SanDisk CF card (I currently us this to store
files that I use on my PC110, laptop and desktop)

I also have a IBM ThinkPad 600e that I can use to copy
files from the CDROM to my PCMCIA hard drive or CF

garycarne nospam at yahoo.com

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